Polpharma Group
rigorously applies
all sanctions
towards Russia

28 March 2022

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28 March 2022

Polpharma Group rigorously applies all sanctions towards Russia

Polpharma Group respects and applies rigorously all sanctions concerning the Russian Federation put in place by the relevant authorities and the European Union especially. Moreover, we have decided to stop all new investments in Russia and to limit deliveries to the Russian Federation to life-altering drugs only. The restrictions put in place by the international community consider pharmaceuticals as a special category of goods which must be made available for all who need them, irrespective of nationality or race, especially a child or elderly patient. In turn, the entities producing them have an ethical responsibility which goes beyond that of other fields of industry. This point of view has been consistently adhered to in regard to sanctions imposed by the international community in the past and continues to be the common understanding of our industry.

Polpharma Group, through its subsidiaries, has and continues to donate hundreds of thousands of packages of life-altering medicines, including antibiotics and emergency medicines which are most lacking in hospitals in Ukraine. Many of our sites and offices collect donations, which are passed on to those in need through charitable organizations.